These Yummy 4-Ingredient Date Bites Are A Fiber-Crammed, Nut-Free Snack

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There’s a complete world of straightforward, uncooked snack bites on the market. Nonetheless, most include one widespread ingredient that stops some individuals from having fun with them: nuts. Whereas nuts have a complete lot of advantages, they’re additionally a number of the commonest allergens—which implies, for many individuals, snack bites and snack bars are off the desk.

However with a recipe like this 4 ingredient surprise, contemplate them again on the snacking menu. A hero for any selfmade snack chunk, right here dates take middle stage. These fiber-filled dried fruits are offset by coconut in two kinds: shredded coconut and coconut manna (also called coconut butter). To not be confused with coconut oil, the manna is made by pureeing the meat of the coconut right into a paste. This implies it retains the fiber, and has a thicker texture—two parts that contribute to the incredible closing product.

To complete it off, the bites characteristic one teaspoon of lemon zest, which packs a giant, vivid taste punch.

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