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Why you aren't losing weight

Nov 16

It isn't always easy to lose weight. Many factors can prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals. Here are the best ways to overcome them.

You can eat fewer calories than you expend but it won't affect your weight.

It's difficult to lose weight. Most people will tell you that calories are more important than calories out. It is like your body is a math equation.

These six common obstacles will help you win at losing again.

1. Your Gut Health is in Trouble

New research has revealed the importance of your microbiome. This is the collection of microorganisms in your gut. New research has shown that microbiome interventions can have a significant effect on your health and weight.

What can I do to increase my probiotic intake? Prebiotics are fibers that feed your gut's beneficial microorganisms. You can increase the amount of prebiotics in your diet by eating a variety of vegetables and fruits. green beans, kale, and then a tomato soup span>

2. You are not your genes.

It is hard to believe that it might not be possible to have the body you want. However, it can be done by following the right diet and exercising.

Understanding can be beneficial and liberating. Even though it may seem difficult, this understanding can help you be more patient with yourself. Previous research shows that weight-inclusive health approaches are better than those that are focused on smaller bodies.

3. Your muscles are becoming weaker as you get older.

Gorin states that as women get older and their estrogen levels drop, their muscle mass also decreases. According to the Mayo Clinic, muscle burns more calories per kilogram than fat.

What can you do?

4. It's Your Medicine Cabinet's fault

Some drugs can cause weight gain and hinder weight loss in Insulin to treat diabetes, certain antipsychotics or antidepressants, some epilepsy medications, steroids, and blood-pressure-lowering drugs like beta-blockers are among them. They can cause weight gain by altering your metabolism, increasing your appetite, water retention, or exhaustion.

What should I do? They can assist you in making the right dietary choices.

5. You have too many

There are a few problems with portion sizes in packages. They can be inconsistent.

What should I do next? Gorin recommends that you plan your meals.

6. You eat mindlessly when you eat without thinking, or when your attention is diverted from the important things.

It is possible to wonder "What was I eating ?!?"?"?" You might wonder, "What was I eating?"

What should you do? Gorin suggests that you take at most five minutes to eat without any electronics.