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Different kinds of massage

Jun 19


Massage therapy is an effective method of managing pain. Massage therapy can be utilized to treat numerous conditions. Patients suffering from chronic pain may also benefit from massage therapy. Massage therapy is the "patterning deliberate manipulation of soft tissues for therapeutic reasons to relieve spasms, pain, and tension, while also promoting well-being, health and prevent/reduce stress.

Different types of massage and what is to Expect?

Massage therapy is often regarded as an alternative or complementary therapy. This means the same amount of scientific evidence doesn't support it as other therapies. FFC massage is still beneficial.

There are many kinds of massage. These are the most well-known types that you'll come across:

  • Swedish massage

Massage therapists typically employ Swedish massage. This is also the type of massage we refer to as "traditional" massage. Kneading and rolling muscles is a good methods to ease tension. Sometimes, you'll employ light tapping and sometimes long and firm strokes. The pressure you use will depend on the individual's tolerance and needs. This massage is not recommended for those who are sensitive to pain.


  • Hot stone massage

This massage is similar in style to Swedish but uses heated stones as well as the hands of the massage therapist. Stones heated by heat can be used to promote relaxation and relieve pain. Additionally, massage with hot stones can increase the quality of sleeping for patients.


  • Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage employs pressure to penetrate the muscles. It helps to ease the tension of tight muscles. It can cause discomfort however not enough to make you cry. If you feel that the pressure is too much consult your massage therapist. Massages with deep tissue can cause you to feel sore for several days. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. The massage therapist will walk you through the process.


  • Trigger point massage

A variety of body parts can affect other areas. A neck that is tight can cause headaches. Trigger point massage occurs when the massage therapist applies pressure on specific trigger points in order to ease tension. This will give you pain relief. Trigger points are pressed down until they release. It's similar to deep tissue massage, which may cause pain and discomfort.

  • Myofascial release

Facia is a thin connective tissue layer that covers all your muscles. The facia must be flexible. If it's not, the massage therapist can tell. The therapist will concentrate on areas causing tension in the muscles to let it go. The effects of myofascial relaxation on fibromyalgia patients were studied. The results revealed that patients with fibromyalgia had higher anxiety levels, more high-quality sleep and less pain, a better quality of life, and higher quality of life.


  • Shiatsu

For relaxation, a shiatsu masseur will apply a firm, pulsing force upon your body. Relaxation is promoted through Acupressure points. An investigation of Shiatsu massages for chronic pain treatment revealed that there was an improvement in the following "improvement in the intensity of pain, pressure pain threshold, and quality of sleep."


  • Thai massage

Thai massage is a gentle method of pressure to release tension and pressure points. It is also possible to find yoga poses in Thai massage. The therapist will help you move into specific positions to relieve tension and tension. This review of the effectiveness of Thai and Swedish massage found that " Thai massages have been known to ease chronic lower back pain by enhancing physical functions, enhancing mobility and flexibility; and reducing anxiety and mood improvement."


  • Foam rolling

Foam rolling can also be performed at home to perform self-massage. A foam rollator, which is inexpensive, and instructions on how to "roll out" tension or stress are essential. The application for chronic pain (download link below) offers instructions for foam rolling to relieve discomfort.


You don't need to have massages performed in a hospital setting. It is important to hire only professionals who hold the appropriate credentials and are registered. People who suffer from pain may combine massage with other therapies to improve their life quality. It's all about finding the right treatment for you.

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