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Fayetteville Trash Pickup Schedule

Aug 9

Learn more about Fayetteville garbage pickup times by calling the office. The operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm. A trashcan with the capacity of 95 gallons can be rented. Pick up is limited to one day per semaine on holidays. This does not mean you won't be served on those days. In any case, you can expect a trash pickup.


If you're interested in the DPW trash pickup schedule in Fayettesville, NC, you might want to read this article first. The Fayetteville Solid Waste Division is responsible for keeping roads that are safe and clean. It also takes away residential brush. For more information about the services offered within your local community, go to the website of the department. You'll find information about garbage collection, recycling and composting.

For residents, Fayetteville operates a Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Program. Residents must register to get the proper size of trash cart in order to take part. To find out more about trash cart sizes, check out the city's guide to the Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Program. Based on the amount of your trash it could cost you either a flat fee or a per-gallon fee.

Syracuse Haulers

Syracuse Haulers Waste Removal Inc. is currently facing a staff shortage since the Covid-19. While they've tried to find substitute drivers, the issue persists to impact the business's schedule. Residents have faced massive delays when it comes to trash collection. Syracuse residents will be able to collect their trash on a day later than normal. But that's not all of it. The company also has other plans.

Syracuse Haulers provides recycling and trash collection services every week for residents of Madison County. The residents are provided with a black trash container and recycling bin. In the case of holiday collections, Syracuse Haulers will delay pick-up until the day of the week. There could be delays due to holiday collections. Contact customer service at 315-988-3500 to get more details. In addition to weekly trash pickup, Syracuse Haulers also offers residential and commercial recycling options.

DPW solid waste study

Fayetteville in North Carolina has a new solid waste collection program. Starting July 14, garbage and yard trash will be picked up on separate days. This will increase the efficiency of fuel and lower the cost of maintenance for city vehicles. This new schedule will also allow for three additional trucks to pick up garbage and yard waste. These changes reflect the growing needs of the city. Residents should continue to reduce and recycle, as well as composting.

The new schedule is in place beginning in March. It will include changes to regular recycling, garbage and yard waste day-of-collections. All trash and yard waste pickups will begin at 6 a.m. However, holiday schedules could alter pick-up dates or times. To avoid inconveniences, make sure to put your yard waste and trash out on a date that is not quite 6 a.m. for collection at the correct time.

Residential routes

Fayetteville residents may be curious about the city's trash collection schedule. Republic Services has been contracted to collect trash according to the scheduled schedule. Republic Services will collect garbage and other recyclable materials in the festive season. However, customers must ensure that their bins remain at least 5 feet away from any structures. This will prevent chaos or, even more importantly, the necessity to change trash pickup times.

Fayetteville's residential streets won't be affected by the holiday pickups in 2020. The city takes garbage on between Monday and Thursday. The next holidays, including New Year's Eve, and Christmas will fall on Fridays. However, the city offices will remain closed Dec. 24 and 25 as well as Jan. 1. The residents of Fayetteville will receive four bags of extras for free each year, which may come in handy during the Christmas season.

The season for collecting brush

The city of Fayetteville will provide curbside trash, yard waste recycling, and trash pickup. Yard waste pickup is handled by a truck and must be placed at least six feet away from the curb and three feet away from the trash bin. Brush and tree limbs should be placed into trash bins. The Dec. 23-30 week will result in delays in garbage pickup. During this time, residents will be able to take four bags at no cost. After that, additional bags will cost $6.72 for each bag.

Fayetteville residents can make arrangements to collect their yard waste every week. Residents can pick up yard waste bags for free from the nearest fire station or at the recreation center. Residents can buy an brown roll-out cart to dispose of yard waste. These carts can collect pine straw, yard waste and leaves weekly. Residents are able to purchase them at the Solid Waste Office, 455 Grove St. The carts are available for pickup at any recreation center , or purchased at the Solid Waste Office. The brown roll-out carts are the property of the homeowners and are covered by a 10-year warranty.

Tree pickups

Fayetteville provides commercial and residential recycling and trash collection services for residential and commercial customers. The city's routes consist of four zones that pick up garbage, recycling, and yard waste on Mondays and Thursdays. The routes start at 5 a.m. Mondays. Sundays are not open. If there are any changes on the schedule you can look it up online. To schedule a trash pickup, you can call 311 or visit their website.

Fayetteville residents can leave live Christmas trees at any of the six city parks. Solid Waste Management crews will be in every park on Saturdays starting at 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. Trees must be cut in half if they're more than six feet tall. They must be free of ornaments and tools. Residents are also able to bring their trees to local botanical gardens if they don't have a garden.

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