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Medical Spa - A Comprehensive Approach To Facial Aesthetic Services

May 2

Aesthetic Services

Medical Spa in Murfreesboro, also called medi-spa or med spas, blend state-of-the-art procedures and anti-aging treatments that were once only available in a doctor’s office with the relaxing experience of a day spa. The goal is to produce results that are more noticeable and enduring than over-the-counter or salon-only treatments. These results include reducing scars, skin discoloration, wrinkles, cellulite and excess fat. Medical spas offer a more comprehensive approach to facial aesthetic treatment than traditional spas and may be more appropriate for patients with more serious cosmetic concerns.

The primary difference between a medical spa and a traditional day spa is that the former offers cosmetic corrective treatments rather than just relaxing massages, facials and body treatments. Medical spas typically feature a laser-beam focus on anti-aging and use high quality, medical grade products that deliver superior results and allow for a deeper penetration of the product. Additionally, all “medical” spa treatments are overseen by a physician.

In addition to these advanced anti-aging therapies, a med spa features the latest in medically-oriented skin care products and provides professional guidance on incorporating these products into your daily routine to maintain optimal skin health. They also offer corrective therapies such as non-surgical liposuction, laser hair removal, photo facials and microneedling.

The therapists and technicians at a med spa are highly trained and certified to perform the advanced anti-aging treatments that are offered, such as muscle relaxers and dermal fillers, along with medically-grade skin care. Often, these providers are nurse practitioners, certified physician assistants, medical assistants or licensed aestheticians. Because of the higher level of oversight by a physician, med spas are allowed to use procedures, technologies and tools that are unavailable at traditional day spas.

When considering a medical spa, it is important to thoroughly research the facility and the treatment options. Using social media, online forums and asking friends who have had treatments at the spa can all help. Inquiring about the provider’s education and credentials is another essential element to consider, as this will ensure that your face and body are in safe hands.

It is also important to understand what type of aesthetic treatments the medical spa you are interested in specializes in. For example, some med spas only offer light chemical peels and microdermabrasion. These treatments are effective at treating some acne issues and can be used in combination with or instead of oral medications. However, if you are looking for acne treatments that are more intensive, it is best to consult with your dermatologist.