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Achieving the Perfect Smile with A North Richland Hills Oral Surgeon

Oct 12

The Oral Surgeon in North Richland Hills, TX is a medical professional who does surgical procedures on the mouth, jaw, and neck. Oral surgeons are dentists with additional training in oral surgery. They have completed four years of dental school plus another two to three years of residency training in Oral Surgery after dental school. Oral surgeon North Richland Hills education includes learning how to diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, and defects involving hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity, jaws, face, head, and neck as well as related structures such as teeth, muscles, tongue glands, nerves, sinuses, eyes lips skin ears throat voice box skull base maxilla mandible cheekbone temporal bone temporomandibular joint (TMJ) orofacial pain.

The importance of Oral Surgeon

The Oral Surgeon North Richland Hills is the dentist that deals with anything related to the mouth. This includes teeth, gums, and jaw disorders. Oral surgeons are also referred to as oral and maxillofacial surgeons or OMFSs. They deal with ailments like tooth abscesses, cuts in the cheeks, injuries of the tongue or lips due to any reason, including accidents; fractures of jaws chipped teeth caused by blows, etc.; obstructions in breathing passages (due to enlarged tonsils); removal of wisdom teeth; treatment for facial pain such as migraine headaches which has an origin within the temporomandibular joint areas; treatment for sleep apnea where there's a blockage within airways when sleeping leading to snoring & heavy night sweats among other things. Oral Surgeon North Richland Hills works alongside Oral and maxillofacial Radiologists who deal with things like facial injuries, tumors of the jaws & mouth, etc. Oral surgeons also work closely with other dentists such as orthodontists (for treatment for braces) or Prosthodontist (to replace missing teeth).

How can an Oral Surgeon help you?

The Oral Surgeon North Richland Hills can help through several ways, including:

  • giving emergency care and treatment for injuries to the face, mouth, and jaw. For example, if you have had an accident resulting in broken or chipped teeth that require attention immediately; your North Richland Hills Oral Surgeon will be able to provide this urgent first aid as well as follow up with further dental treatments such as root canal therapy etc. A root canal is where the nerve has died & must be removed from inside the tooth cavity before filling it back up again with either amalgam silver alloy restoration or porcelain crown)
  • providing any surgery which requires surgical intervention within areas around the head, neck, jaws/teeth usually under general anesthesia (where you are entirely unaware); examples include removal of wisdom teeth (wisdom tooth removal); tumor/cyst removal; treatment of facial pain such as trigeminal neuralgia (a condition involving sudden, brief attacks of intense pain along the trigeminal nerve)
  • North Richland Hills Oral Surgeon treats sleep apnea where there is a blockage within airways when sleeping, leading to snoring & heavy night sweats with devices like oral appliances, which are fans. Verbal Surgeon fits will involve making a mouthguard type appliance that you wear while sleeping on your side or back with straps attached for support to keep your jaw in position, preventing it from falling open during sleep and thereby stopping any obstruction occurring due to this. The Oral surgeon may also provide training regarding lifestyle changes needed.

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